An Inside Look into Philosophy HQ

Have you ever wondered how your favourite pair of pants are made? Or how they manage to fit you so well?

One of the things we are most proud of at Philosophy is that more than 90% of our clothing is made right here in Australia. The last 10% are garments such as denim, which need to be made overseas as unfortunately, we do not have the manufacturing capabilities here in Australia. The best thing about making clothing locally is that we have built up great relationships with our suppliers and manufactures which means we can produce a high quality garment.

To celebrate our Australian Made clothing, we are taking you through the design process and introducing you to the makers and team here at Philosophy.

1. Design

  • Of course, the whole process begins at the design phase where the style is created.

  • Our designer Ali, creates the style, adding in any trims or accessories like eyelets and zips.

  • Most importantly, she must consider how the style will fit into its own story alongside the other garments; as well as how it will work with the rest of the garments throughout the whole collection.

  • For our pants, Ali ensures she narrows down the colour selection to those which will fit best with the other stories.

  • For each story Ali creates a mood board, see examples here

  • These help guide her colour choices.

2. Patternmaking

  • The design then moves onto our Patternmaker Maria.

  • Maria is the reason your pants fit so well!

  • Maria takes into consideration the fabric type and how it will drape, shrink or stretch in order to ensure all of the measurements are perfect.

3. Digitising

  • The next step is to draw up the pattern on what we call a 'marker'

  • this is just a large sheet of paper which guides the cutters.

  • Michelle is in charge of this process, as well as grading the patterns to different sizes.

  • She then hands over the marker to our fabric cutters.

4. Cutting

  • Our cutters are Peter and Ping.

  • They use the marker to lay on top of the fabric before they cut.

  • They use a specialised cutting machine to cut out the fabric for the pants precisely which can cut multiple layers of fabric depending on the thickness.

5. Making sample

  • After the fabric is cut, a sample is made up by our skilled maker Ming.

6. Fitting

  • To ensure the pattern is correct, we hold a fitting with our fit model Jill.

  • We need to see the garment on our fit model

  • Then we can make any adjustments that are needed so that our garment fits perfectly.

7. Production and Distribution

  • Once the garment is perfect it is approved to be made for production.

  • Once the batch of garments are constructed, they are then allocated to each of our stockists

  • Then it's your turn to visit your favourite stockist and buy your new season Philosophy Australia!


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