Behind the Scenes - meet Kimba

We are going behind the scenes to meet some of the Philosophy Australia team. First cab off the rank is Kimba.

Kimba and Ali, our designer and heart-and-soul of the brand, met on Instagram, bonded over their love of style, colour and layering, and have become fast friends.

When Ali was recovering from an operation in June 2018, Kimba stepped in to look after social media to help out, and never left! Kimba looks after our online shop too.

We asked Kimba to share her favourite things with us.

Five Faves

Favourite colour – Blue and pink and I'm quite fond of green too. I just love colour!

Favourite movie – Sense & Sensibility, Gladiator, North by Northwest and Pillow Talk. I also love a cheesy scary movie!

Favourite music – I'm a grunge rock chick from way back.

Favourite food – my favourite takeaway is Vietnamese. My favourite meal is my husband's famous roast lamb stuffed with green olives, anchovies, pancetta and herbs. It's a Jamie Oliver recipe.

Favourite destination – London is my favourite city in the world. I loved our Botswana safari honeymoon. My favourite family holiday involves a tropical island, beachside cocktails and a day spa, with adventures for my husband and teenage son.


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