Cut for Curves

Let's talk about curves and how our Philosophy Gold collection is designed specifically for plus size women.

The differences between plus size and standard sizing are subtle but important for a flattering fit.

With the Philosophy Gold collection, we have altered our styles and shapes to cater for more women; women who are sized out of many standard size ranges.

The truth is, body-con just doesn't work for everyday women. All styles are moving towards a floatier and looser design to create a modern look. Our Philosophy Gold collection is specifically designed for women with real curves and works with your body to create a flattering look.

The reason we introduced our Philosophy Gold collection in Summer 2017 was due to a call for larger sizes.

Historically, size 10 has always been the most common size but now this has increased to a size 14. In fact, a size 10 from 2008 would be more like a size 8 now; nationally we are just getting bigger and all clothing brands are accounting for this. So we followed suit, adding our Philosophy Gold sizing from a 14- 24.

Our standard range also includes a size 14 but below you can see the changes we have made to create a Gold 14.

Check out our diagram showing what the pattern looks like for the same shirt. The green is showing a size 14 Philosophy, and the pink demonstrates a size 14 Philosophy Gold. The Philosophy 14 is based on a B cup bust, whereas the Philosophy Gold is based on a D cup bust.

As we get bigger, we don't necessarily get taller or broader in every dimension so the adjustments are a little different from standard adjustments made when going up a size. Our Philosophy Gold pattern gives more movement across the back, bicep and bust, meaning that the comfort factor is improved.

The Philosophy Gold collection offers an array of print and plain styles which can be mixed and matched for work and play.

Styling for the Philosophy Gold collection is complementary to the main collection and is an extension on our themes and colours. They are designed to sit alongside each other on the shop floor. See how our two stripe prints complement each other and the subtle changes made in the shape of the garment.

Our gorgeous model for the Philosophy Gold collection is Belinda, a very popular Aussie girl who has a banging size 14 bod and a beautiful personality to boot. We are very proud to have her as the face of the Philosophy Gold collection.

You can check out more from Belinda on her instagram @missboi

Each Philosophy Gold piece is cut for curves, to flatter and flaunt the fuller figure, ensuring a feel good factor. When we feel good, we look good, and vice versa!


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