Dream Jeans

This week, we are celebrating our love of denim! Everyone from babies to grannies wear denim. Denim is more than jeans, or even denim jackets, denim shirts and denim skirts.

Photo credit: Everett

Denim has made its way to accessories like shoes and bags, and a whole range of denim clothes.  Zac Posen even dressed Katherine Heigl for the Emmys in a white denim dress!

Philosophy Australia Dream Jeans

Philosophy Australia have a fabulous range of denim, called Dream Jeans.  Our Dream Jeans have been designed with a "firmafit" panel to slim and flatter your silhouette.

The denim contains a small amount of Spandex to tone and shape your figure, making you look one size smaller.

The Spandex allows movement in the Dream Jeans.  They will retain their shape, without bagging out in the knees and bottom, like so many stretch jeans do.  Yet allow an ease of movement and comfort.  You can see why we named them Dream Jeans!

The majority of Philosophy Australia pieces are made in Australia.  However, the specialist machinery and equipment required to manufacture jeans isn't available in Australia.  We outsource our jeans manufacture to China, where they have the technology to manufacture the specific stretch denim, and treat them with an enzyme wash, for a super soft finish.

This results in a lighter denim that retains its shape, and is perfect for year round wear.

Our Dream Jeans for Spring Summer 2018 are available:

  • in sizes 8-18

  • in White, Black, Blue, Lemon, Pink and classic Denim

  • in Full Length and Crop Length

Which colour is your favourite?


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