Fabric Cheat Sheet | Linen

Linen is everywhere this summer and for good reason, it's the perfect hot weather fabric! Easy, breezy and cool.

Why we love linen:

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Becomes softer, more lustrous and stronger with laundering

  • Retains its shape

  • Extremely breathable and cool to the touch

Linen is so cool due to it's heat resistant properties. It works to keep you cool by drawing the perspiration from your body and releasing it into the air, without drawing in any heat. This is what causes it to be cool to touch and quick to dry, making it the perfect beach dress!

Like cotton, Linen is a natural fabric, however it is also very durable. Unlike other fibres, Linen actually becomes stronger with laundering and more lustrous with ironing. This is why some heirloom linen garments which have withstood decades of laundering, take on the appearance of silk.

One of the perceived disadvantages of linen is that it can wrinkle easily. In our Spring 2018 collection, we feature three linen stories, Acre, Track and Harmony, with pre-crinkled linen so you don't have to worry about ironing it.

If you're struggling to find good trans-seasonal pieces then go for a linen/cotton blend, like our micro-check collection below. The added cotton allows the fabric to retain a small amount of heat and adds flexibility to the garment. Perfect for autumn or spring!

We hope this guide has helped you better understand your linen garments!

Let us know in the comments which piece from our collections is your favourite.


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