Fabric Cheat Sheet | Rayon + Viscose

Here's the next fabric cheat sheet in our series for you.

First things first, is there a difference between rayon and viscose?

Rayon is a fabric made from wood pulp. It is neither a strictly natural or artificial fabric as it uses a natural fibre which goes through an artificial process to create the fabric.

Viscose is a type of rayon, which uses a honey-like liquid in the production process.

The best way to think of rayon is like a combination of silk and cotton. It has a silky texture and drapes beautifully as a result. However, it is more durable than silk and has good breathability like cotton. It is also at a more affordable price than a pure silk garment.

One of its best properties is that it is quick to dry, so it's perfect to throw over some swimmers at the beach. Rayon produces vivid colours, which is why we often use it to showcase our unique prints.

Advantages of rayon:

  • silk-like, without the hefty price tag

  • drapes beautifully

  • breathable like cotton

  • dries easily

  • vivid colours

Rayon can be either knitted or woven. Porto and Island Hopper featured above are examples of woven rayon.

Our Savannah and Line collections below are examples of rayon used as a knitted jersey.

To read more about the differences between knitted and woven fabrics, go to the first blog post in our fabric series here.

Additionally, our long-running Entice Collection is also a rayon jersey, which is how it has such a soft texture and drape while remaining breathable.

Interestingly, rayon can also be used in pants. Our Fancy Printed Pants are made with 70% Rayon to give them their sheen and to display the prints, and 26% Nylon for durability. The last 4% is elastane to give them stretch.

We hope this was helpful! Let us know which rayon products you love.


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