Fresh Florals

Florals for spring and summer are not new. Like stripes, they are a perennial print favourite for not only Philosophy Australia, but for pretty much every womenswear collection ever.

So how do we keep it fresh?

Our Designer, Alison, stalks the runway collections, travels to see fabric mills and print designers, constantly shops up a storm and keeps her finger on the pulse, so that the she knows the subtleties between this year's prints to last year's variations. She is always working on four collections simultaneously, and has already earmarked the new trends for summer 2019.

We grabbed a few moments with her to catch her point of view.

Our Eve print story

So what’s the key floral print trend for the summer 2018 collection Ali?

In one word, vintage.

Each floral will have a delicate finesse to it, and we will see a move towards more traditional flower heads like roses and peonies.

We will see pastels with a dusty tinge and more prints on coloured grounds.

Our Eve print personified a lot of this inspiration for me, along with our Midsummer one.

Our Midsummer print story

What do you look for when sourcing and creating prints for Philosophy?

As a brand we have a ‘clean’ style, so even floral prints which can be quite busy need a good amount of clean edges to the motifs or spacial placement. They must not have a reminiscence of a customer's past.

Our Island Hopper and Day Tripper print stories from our Holiday collection

Florals, unlike say a geometric print, can be quite ageing, so it’s a fine line. A vintage feel rose print might look bang on trend in a young style/store but could make a woman 40+ look more mature than she’d like.

Our sister floral prints of Day Tripper and Island Hopper have a fresh floral take, due to the white ground, clean crisp colouration and the introduction of a print clashing stripe. It’s the type of print that personifies our label in that it’s easy wear and care, can be dressed up or down and worn by many types and ages of women.

Any other floral print trends to note?

Well, I generally go for pastels in spring and hot vibrant colours for high summer so our collections have a colour palette flow.

The ‘hot’ floral version for me this year was the same as last year's in that foliage imagery was key. So you'll see a lot of palm and tropical hibiscus prints out and about.

Our Airbrush print story

Any hints for next summer?

Artistic floral prints were initially shown this year, and we have offered our Airbrush story as a nod to it, but look for designs with a almost black sharpie outline, or a brush stroked effect

Clustered designs will also be very fashionable. Think tiny Liberty motifs, or sprawling bouquet masses, with just a limited background on view.

Thank you, Alison!


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