How to Wear Coloured Denim

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

If you check the wardrobes of the Philosophy Australia team, you will find stacks of denim! We absolutely love this modern neutral, which can be teamed with everything from sneakers to high heels; T shirts to sequins.

It's universally cool and worn by everyone from groovy grannies to tiny tots - and everyone in between!

Our Dream Jeans have been designed with a Firmafit panel to slim and flatter your silhouette.

The denim contains a small amount of Spandex for a flattering figure shaping fit. The Spandex also allows movement, so our Dream Jeans will retain their shape, without bagging out in the knees and bottom, like so many stretch jeans do. You can see why we named them Dream Jeans!

Philosophy Australia's denim collection is one of our only lines made overseas, because the production machinery required for denim just isn't available in Australia.

Our Dream Denim range includes classic blue denim, chic white denim and coloured denim in lemon, blue and pink shades.

We all know how to style classic white, blue and black denim, but let's talk about how to style coloured denim!

How to Wear Coloured Denim

  • Team with classic neutrals like black, white, navy, grey

  • Try with modern neutral prints like leopard, gingham, polkadots or stripes

  • Match with a tonal colour - like navy with bright blue denim, or fuchsia with blush pink denim

  • Team with similar colours - like lemon with green, or aqua with pastel blue

  • Wear a complementary colour - for example, lemon with lavender, or pale pink with sage green

What's your favourite shade of coloured denim?


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