Let's talk seasonal wardrobes

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We are now officially in Autumn. The weather has started getting the memo all over the country, and it's starting to cool down. At last!

We are starting to get excited about wearing layers and boots and knits and denim. Not to mention scarves and coats and leather and jackets.

One of the things you should always do at the beginning of a new season is to invest a little time into your wardrobe.

Whether you keep all your clothes in one space, or do a seasonal wardrobe changeover, now is a good time to undertake a wardrobe cull.

Some great reasons for a wardrobe cull:

  • easier to find pieces when the rails aren't overstuffed and drawers aren't overflowing

  • make getting dressed every day more simple with well sorted clothes

  • pass on pieces that don't fit properly or don't spark joy

  • remove pieces that need repairing or altering

  • identify the gaps in your wardrobe; including pieces that need replacing

We recently shared some great tips for undertaking a wardrobe cull, inspired by Marie Kondo's KonMari method. click here to read

Tips for wardrobe sorting:

The best way to sort your wardrobe is the way that works best for you!

  • by colour

  • by print

  • by skirt / dress length

  • by occasion; for example, work, casual, going out

  • by season; if you have enough room to have all your clothes in your wardrobe, then bring the current season's styles to the front.

  • by outfit; for example, hang tops you always wear layered together on the same hanger.

What do you most love about Autumn / Winter style?


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