Meet Peppertree Quality Clothing

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Silvia Brooksby, owner and manager of Peppertree Quality Clothing

Please meet Silvia Brooksby, the owner and manager of Peppertree Quality Clothing; one of our valued Philosophy Australia stockists.

What is the name of your boutique?

Peppertree Quality Clothing, established in 1998.

Where is your boutique located?

We are situated in Cobram, a beautiful country town on the Murray River in Victoria, which has a lot of tourists during the summer and holiday seasons.

Peppertree Quality Clothing, Cobram Victoria

What do you love about Philosophy?

We love that it is made in Australia, which is fantastic. We also love the After 5 dressing and special occasion styles.

Who is the Philosophy customer in your store?

Our relaxed more mature ladies are our main Philosophy customers.

What do your customers love about Philosophy?

Mainly the great fit.

What is your current best selling piece?

Harley Layer Jacket

Philosophy Australia Harley Layer Jacket

What is your personal pick?

My favourite is the Lundy pant.

Philosophy Australia Lundy pant and Nellie top

If you could sum up our brand in one word, what would it be?


Thank you for your time Silvia!


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