New Year, New Us!

Every year, lots of people set themselves New Year Resolutions. Unfortunately, many people fail to maintain them every year too!

We have pulled together some ideas to help you set up your New Year Resolution, plus some tips to help you stick to your goals for the whole year.

Word of the Year

  • choose a word to symbolise what you want for 2019

  • it might be happiness or contentment or curiosity; perhaps shine or hustle or balance

  • when making decisions and plans, incorporate this word into the process

Start when you're ready

  • New Year Resolutions don't have to start on the first day of the year

  • start when you're ready

  • perhaps when you have returned to work or study

  • commence your New Year Resolution when you start a new job, or when a course starts, or when you have returned from holiday

Be kind to yourself

  • it's OK to skip a day or two; sometimes life gets in the way!

  • just get back on track when you can

  • it is better to have a small blip and restart when you can, than to give up entirely

  • cut yourself a break and build a backup plan into your goals

Make specific goals

  • many New Year Resolutions are a bit vague which makes them hard to stick to

  • try setting goals like "I will read one book a week" instead of "I will read more"

  • you can journal your goals and achievements

  • download an app or two to help you track your goals; there's an app for just about everything now!

Popular New Year Resolutions

  • eat more healthily - try tracking what you eat with an app - prepping meals in advance - trying a food delivery service - serving meals on a smaller plate - eating at regular times - reducing snacking - switch sugary snacks for fruit and savoury snacks for fresh popcorn

  • get more exercise - track steps with a fitness tracker - get more incidental exercise like taking the stairs instead of the lift - join a gym or take a dance class or practise yoga - sign up with a personal trainer with a friend - schedule exercise time in your diary and make it a priority - slow and steady is a good start

  • save more money - cut down expenditure on takeaway coffees and lunches - automatically transfer a portion of your pay to a savings account - take advantage of special offers like petrol discount vouchers or cheap movie tickets - meal plan so you only buy the ingredients you need without wastage - stock up on essentials like washing powder when it's on special - review regular bills like gas and electricity to see if a competitor can give you a better deal - use a comparison website to save money on things like mortgage rates and insurance - shop your wardrobe to create new outfits

Have you set your New Year Resolution yet?


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