Traveller Collection | Spring 2018

The Traveller collection is a long standing part of the Philosophy Australia offering, and a new collection is released every year.

Fabricated in slinky jersey, it has that famous easy wear, easy care quality that Philosophy Australia is renowned for.

The pieces mix and match with each other, as well as with previous seasons and the current seasons of both striking plain fabrics in classic and on trend colours. They also team beautifully with the fabulous exclusive artwork prints that are another Philosophy Australia signature.

Not to mention, the Traveller collection is perfect for travel. The clue is in the name!

Travel Packing Tips

If you are one of the many people who love going away for a holiday or work trip, but hate packing, then we have some fabulous tips for you!

Many of us pack our favourite things and get to our destination and realise nothing goes together. Sometimes we overpack which leads to us lugging around heavy bags. It can be difficult to pack for interstate or overseas weather too.

Read on for our travel packing tips!

  • rolling your items takes up less space and minimises creases and wrinkles in your clothes. Of course, our Traveller collection in slinky jersey is designed with this in mind!

  • create an outfit pod, as suggested by blogger Kimba Likes. For every bottom, pack two coordinating tops. For every two bottoms, pack one overwear piece like a jacket or cardigan. A dress or jumpsuit can be counted as a bottom when teamed with tops, and works as a stand alone outfit. You can create an evening pod, sightseeing pod, casual pod ... it's up to you.

  • always pop in a scarf or two. They can be worn as evening wraps, double as a beach sarong, keep the sun off your shoulders on hot days, or warm you on unexpectedly chilly weather.

  • if travelling long haul, comfy layers are a good travel outfit choice. A pair of comfy elastic waisted pants, a hi lo layered top, and a soft jacket or cardigan, teamed with a scarf, will keep you comfy in the different temperatures in the airport and on the plane.

  • Nikki from Styling You suggests working out what activities you have planned for your trip before you go and packing shoes accordingly. Lots of walking will require sneakers. Hot weather will need sandals. If you don't have formal events planned, then you can leave the heels at home.

  • check the weather forecast before you go, so you know if you'll need shorts or jeans; a sunhat or beanie.

  • Nikki from Styling You also suggests working with a limited colour palette for a travel capsule wardrobe. For example, black and white and denim. You can add more colour with a scarf or necklace or lipstick.

  • many brands now produce minis of your favourite beauty products for hair, makeup and skincare. You can buy deluxe mini sizes at the supermarket, department store or specialist beauty stores like Sephora and Mecca. Alternatively you can decant into travel bottles.

  • don't forget about gels and liquids in your carry on if you're travelling internationally. Bottles need to be under 100mL and carried in a clear plastic bag. If you're carrying on your luggage and not checking in, make sure you haven't packed eyebrow tweezers or nail scissors as these may be confiscated.

  • pack your swimmers / bathers / togs if your destination has a pool, or spa for cold climates. Everyone has a bikini body and relaxing in the water is fun!

Where is your favourite travel destination?


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