Winter 2019 Trends

We've interviewed our designer Alison Lennard on her take of the trends for Winter 2019

What is the key trend this season?

I designed extensively into a look I termed "sexy beast" which highlights animal prints, sharp and slimline silhouettes, slick fabrics with stretch and a strong aesthetic. Women are empowered and showing it!

Here's my original mood board which I pulled together back in March 2018 when I first started my research and inspiration into the new season. This look really is at the height of its trend curve right now, and will still be affecting next summer.

For me, this and every other winter season, it is always about Tone and Texture. We all tend to wear "simpler and plainer" styles predominantly in autumn /winter so by utilising interesting fabrications and layering them, that's how we create an up to date look. (I’m a big fan of layering personally.)

Luxury is important though and investment purchasing is recommended. It’s possible to get away with thin and throw away fabrics and fashion in summer but in Winter, quality really is king and will help you to create your best capsule wardrobe.

Kai top, Capullo Terra knit, Serafina top

What are the key colours this season?

Traditionally, we all disappear into an abyss of Black for winter but this season colour has become so much more important and you'll see more of it available in store.

We’ve gone for Chartreuse and Orange as bright highlights and used Pantone's colour of the year UltraViolet as a focus within our print offers.

Navy is almost selling level with Black and this really does show this shift.

clockwise from top left - Alcott top, Ania top, Capullo Spark knit, Helena top

What are the key shapes this season?

To be honest, there's not a particularly new shape this year. There's more of a shift towards highlighting the sleeves.

Slashed, belled, dipped and cuffed, you name it! That's where you'll find the newness.

For pants slim and straight, rather than spray on skinny, is more on trend as we move away from leggings.

You'll probably notice a subtle change in proportion that tops are back on offer, and claiming importance alongside tunics, which have also become shorter and less dress-like. I’m loving that pencil skirts are getting into the spotlight too.

Alison's style pick - the Raquel print story

How have you interpreted these trends and colours for Philosophy?

I've probably covered that in my answers already but Quality, Fit and Wearability are always my focus, whatever the fashion.

I must admit too that I always prefer designing Winter ranges as the fabrics are much more luxurious and there's more thought required in the styles and how to layer.

Clandine pants in Cube, Contempo, Sparkle and Zanzibar

What is your style pick from our offer?

Anything animal! I’ve been rocking the Raquel print in all three shapes. I love the Clandine pant and Rower tunic (inspired by Megan Markle's wedding dress!).

Rower tunic

I've worn mine many times during the presentations of the collection and I always feel comfortable, strong and slim in it, and you can't get better than that!

Thank you so much Alison! We love hearing about your inspiration and design process!


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