Winter Beauty Tips

Tara Airlie MUA in action

Summer beauty is all about glowing skin, beachy waves in our hair and light textures.

However, when it comes to winter beauty, our skin craves extra attention. Constant heating and chilly windy weather can result in dull dry skin and flaky lips.

We interviewed our makeup artist Tara Airlie for her winter beauty top tips at our recent photoshoot.

To keep your skin in tip top condition, Tara recommends:

  • applying eye cream in a tapping motion across the top of the cheekbones and brow bones to revitalise and re-energise by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and brightening dark circles under the eyes. Tara's fave is Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue creme

  • using a sugar based exfoliator a few times a week to gently buff away dry flaky skin, leaving smooth hydrated lips. Tara recommends Mac Lip Scrubtious

  • treating your lips to an overnight repair treatment with a lip treatment; packed full of lip loving ingredients like shea butter, Vitamin E and hydrating oils. Tara reaches for Mecca Lip De-Luscious

The changing of the seasons is a good time to reset your wardrobe. It's an excellent time to change up your skincare and makeup routines too.

Winter skincare is all about locking that moisture in! Winter makeup looks tend towards velvety skin and rich colours.

  • try a cream foundation instead of a summery tinted moisturiser

  • switch your mattifying primer for a hydrating formula in winter

  • look for jewel toned manicures, teamed with wine and berry shades of lipstick

  • trade your shimmery eyeshadows for matte velvety shades

  • wear a creamy lipstick instead of a sheer gloss

  • apply richer formats of your favourite moisturisers; a cream instead of a lotion for example

  • step up your hand and nail cream application; our cuticles can suffer in winter chills

  • a cream cleanser or cleansing balm may work better for your winter skin

What is your favourite winter beauty tip? Let us know in the comments.


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