Winter Guilty Pleasures

The weather is finally cooling down and it's starting to actually feel like winter is coming!

We have started reaching for our cosy knits and luxe layers, and debuting the new season pieces we have been champing at the bit to wear. You will find fabulous new season Philosophy Australia in your favourite boutiques in store and online now!

With the cooler weather, our thoughts also turn to winter treats to cheer ourselves up and combat the winter blues! So, with that in mind, we've asked the team at Philosophy Australia what their favourite winter treat is. We invite you to experiment and try something new to mix up this cold weather!

Guilty Pleasures winter treat ideas

Sarah - Design & Production Coordinator

"My all time favorite English breakfast tea is from T2 and I can't go past pairing that up with the Aussie favourite 'Tim Tams'. Bite the corners and suck the tea through till it melts. The best!'

Maria - Pattern Maker

"Waking up in the morning to Italian Coffee with Almond Biscotti"

Shelly - Pattern Digitizer and Grader

"Crisp potato chips mixed with milk chocolate! I absolutely love the salt and sweetness together!"

Alison - Designer and General Manager

"My absolute must haves are Arnotts TV Snacks and Coke"

Noni - Accounts

"Dark Lindt chocolate"

Anica - Sales

"Max Brenner Hot Chocolate"

Yim - Production Manager

"Original Kettle potato chips and Cheese CCs"

Jay - Dispatch Manager

"Filipino Chicken soup cause it's my winter warmer"

Oliver - Warehouse Coordinator

"Mixed nuts in caramelized sugar while watching a movie"

Rebecca - Quality Control

"Fish Tacos and a Margarita as it takes me back to Mexico"

Ping - Garment Cutter

"Milk chocolate with a glass of warm milk"

Peter - Garment Cutter

"Arnotts chocolate biscuits dipped in milk"

Liz - Owner

"Drinking Peppermint Tea, in my warm socks watching a movie"

Peter - Owner

"A meat pie smothered in tomato sauce"

Any of these take your winter guilty pleasure fancy?


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